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A Touching Story About the Beauty of Nature and Family

Written from a child's perspective, newly-released "Our Walk with Grandma" is a heartwarming story about a grandma and her grandkids going on a scenic walk and exploring the surroundings as grandma teaches the kids about nature. Fun facts, too!

Great for young kids and grandmas!

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An Exciting Shared Adventure

Enjoy this adventure with grandma and the kids! You'll become immersed in the book as you imagine yourself and loved ones strolling along the path and floating along the stream — exploring all the wonders of nature together!

Have Fun with the Family

So much to see and talk about! Kids love the "Fun Facts" at the back of the book featuring entertaining activities, clever conversation-starters and amusing facts. Be sure to count the butterflies throughout the book! 

boy and butterflies.jpg

Beautiful Wonders to Appreciate

Learn and enjoy more about the beauty of nature. You'll be captivated by the colorful flowers, sprawling trees, beautiful wildlife and picturesque landscapes. Take your time to appreciate all of the stunning illustrations!

Enjoy Nature From Your Couch, Classroom, or Library

We don't always have the opportunity to interact with nature. Let nature come to you in "Our Walk with Grandma!" You'll see the beauty of nature and enjoy fun facts too!

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Special Cherished Memories

"Our Walk with Grandma" creates happy memories between grandmas and grandkids. Readers tell us that after reading the book grandkids want to visit their grandmas. It also reminds grown-ups of the fond memories spent with their beloved grandmas.  

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